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Six turbaned Sikh MPs elected in Canada Featured


In a clear indication of the growing influence of the Sikh community on the political landscape of Canada, at least six turbaned MPs have been elected from across the country this time.  

Among them is Jagmeet Singh, who is the leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada. He is the first person of Sikh heritage to become a national leader of any political party in a Eurocentric country.  

Singh was re-elected from Burnaby South on the night of September 20. Not to be left behind, Harjit Singh Sajjan, who was the first Sikh defence minister in the previous Liberal cabinet, was also re-elected.  

Likewise, Sajjan’s party colleague from Surrey Center, Randeep Singh Sarai, has been elected for the third time.  

Iqwinder Gaheer is a Liberal newcomer to the House of Commons from Mississauga-Malton.  

Ironically, the Conservatives, who have been harsh on the head coverings of Muslim women, saw their two turbaned Sikh MPs, Tim Uppal and Jasraj Hallan, re-elected from Edmonton Mill Woods and Calgary Forest Lawn respectively.  

Among other MPs of Sikh heritage elected this time are Sukh Dhaliwal and Parm Bains from BC, George Chahal from Alberta, Maninder Sidhu, Sonia Sidhu, Kamal Khera, Ruby Sahota and Bardish Chaggar from Ontario, besides Anju Dhillon from Quebec.  

It is pertinent to mention that Indian immigrants were disenfranchised under racist laws back in 1907. They got the right to vote after a long struggle in 1947. The Sikh community has made a mark in spite of many barriers and outright racism in the country.  

The latest development comes close to the death anniversary of Comrade Darshan Singh Canadian, who was assassinated by the Sikh separatists in India on September 25, 1986.   

Canadian had lived in Canada for ten years before moving back to India in 1947, and was involved in the struggle for the right to franchise.  

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