"if you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen
the side of the oppressor." - Desmond Tutu.

Hands Against Racism campaign team sends a message of solidarity with Indian farmers Featured

 A collage of green handprints added a new dimension to an anti-racism initiative launched by Burnaby-based Spice Radio this week.  

The broadcasters and other team members at the station, came together to raise their voices for Indian farmers in a unique way.  

They not only left their handprints in green on a white sheet, but also scribbled their greetings to show respect to the farmers agitating against controversial laws passed by the right wing and pro corporate government in India.  

The farmers have been camping near New Delhi for the past 100 days now, asking to roll back the ordinances that threaten their livelihood.  

As part of their annual Hands Against Racism campaign, the team members dipped their hands in green colour and left a palm print on a white sheet laid outside the studio.  

Among them was Vishaljeet Kaur, who recently sang Kissan Di Vaar (a heroic ode of farmer). Kaur is a well-known Punjabi singer, whose recent song video focussing on the farmers’ struggle has received a lot of attention. “I support farmers”, she wrote right beneath her handprint.  

While Kaur works on the administrative side of the radio station, those doing on-air news and entertainment programs were in the forefront of the decision to show solidarity with the farmers. 

The morning talk show host Mankiran Aujla wrote, "Power to the farmers!" 

Likewise, Noni Kaur, another seasoned broadcaster, wrote in Punjabi, "We are indebted to the farmers."  

Hands Against Racism has entered its seventh year. It was started in 2015 on the birth anniversary of towering civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. by Spice Radio CEO Shushma Datt. It coincides with Holi, a Hindu festival of colours and encourages participants to dip their hands in colours and leave a handprint alongside a message against bigotry.  

Datt has provided the radio platform to different groups and speakers advocating for the rights of the agitating farmers.  

Not to be left behind, Gaurav Shah, who has a popular musical show at Spice Radio, talks about the farmers' movement almost every day and has been consistently showing his empathy with those protesting in India on social media. 


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Last modified on Saturday, 06 March 2021 03:34
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